Lucy writes YA fiction. She began writing in the quiet lulls during her children’s naptimes and soon realised this was a career she wanted to pursue. Then, in 2019, Lucy entered TLC’s Pen Factor competition and was given the chance to pitch to literary agents, where she met Susan.

Lucy writes young adult fiction because she enjoys creating characters that are on the cusp of adulthood – characters who know so much about the world, but are yet to find their place in it. Lucy touches on relationships her young adult characters have with those who are older, but not necessarily wiser or more morally sound.

Lucy is currently working on her debut, a YA romantic suspense, in which the two main characters become embroiled in the darkest parts of a London crime underworld.

Some of the authors Lucy admires are Angie Thomas, Tanya Byrne and Karen M McManus.

Lucy Basey - Author | Susan Yearwood Agency